PV006 → Desire Loop

The series is a collection of digital sculptures that interact like the photo album from a rave. They show skins coming in contact with one another, looking to exchange energy, fluid, heat. They show bodies experiencing a sensual moment, searching, finding, quenching and searching again.

A queer party space is here described as a cruising zone, a space where there is a general consensus on the desired experience. At its core is the act of searching, following a track, fueled by a frantic desire.

Bodies are circulating from place to place, from one sexual partner to the next, from one state to another. They melt, mix, become and amorphous mass living a common sensuality. The moment of contact between bodies is a tipping point between search and satisfaction, a change of state followed by a return to the starting point: a desire loop.

These digital sculptures are queer bodies because of their surreal shapes, their ability to merge and split again. The skins that cover them are from lovers and friends who are used to visiting these spaces, mixed with the artist’s skin.