PV002 → Body Fictions

Digital photography, digital sculpture

Body fictions try to capture the relationship of the artist with his own body in intimate places. The series explores the transformation of the body through the look, through the confrontation to others and through internal sensations.

Body Fiction I explores body dysmorphia. The artist is here represented with the body that his gaze and brain force on him in the mirror: deformed, different from an objective body, different from the desired body. It is also expertly crafted by years of observation, practically unchangeable, like jewelery that hinders the wearer.

Body Fiction II confronts the artist's body to the idealized body of others. The pictures tells the erotic story lived between the artist and a man with ideal proportions in a pool. The inflated muscles of the latter are superimposed over the skin of the artist, like a memory of the sensual touch that has been obsecured by the comparison of their bodies.

In Body Fiction III, the insides of the artist are imagined in the interior of the artist. The bed is a place where the conscious experiences the internal system, experiences symptoms and therefore dialogs with organic tissues. Organs that are usually autonomous and inaudible barge into the sheets to signal dysfunctionment.